Corvette Racing Historian Jan Hyde on the Corvette Today Podcast | Corvette Mike

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Racing fans will want to pull up a chair for this next episode of the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast. Host Steve Garrett sits down with Jan Hyde of the Registry of Corvette Race Cars for a fun-filled discussion on Corvette race cars and the drivers and teams that helped lead the way from the early days all the way through today’s factory-backed efforts.

If you’re a fan of Corvette Racing and a Corvette historian at heart-don’t miss this episode of CORVETTE TODAY!!!! Steve Garrett sits down with Jan Hyde from the Registry of Corvette Racing. Jan extensively goes through the history of Corvette Racing-all the way back to 1953. Plus, Jan talks about his website ( and how you can enjoy and learn all about Corvette history and racing. Jan looks back at the beginnings of Corvette, even before Zora Arkus-Duntov up to the present day. It’s a fascinating look at the car we love so much on this episode of CORVETTE TODAY!


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