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Over the decades, Corvette Mike has sold vehicles to folks in just about every walk of life. From farmers to corporate businesspeople. And being in Southern California, it isn’t unusual for actors, musicians and the like to walk through our doors to purchase the Corvette or muscle car of their dreams. But even with “celebrities” of every industry coming in from time to time, there are occasions when even we are surprised by who contacts us. And recently was just one of those occasions, the Plant Manager, Corvette Assembly Plant at General Motors, Kai Spande.

So, who does the Corvette Plant Manager call when he gets the urge to buy a mid-year Corvette? Well, Corvette Mike of course! Kai expressed an interest in a beautiful Milano Maroon L72 big block Coupe that we had for sale. Mike shared the details of the car (frame-off restored, factory side exhaust system, factory K-H knock off wheels with Gold line tires and a Bloomington Gold Award winner!) with Kai and it was decided that a trip from Bowling Green to Anaheim was in order. So, the following week, Kai arrived with his wife Kaci and sister Kris (who’s a local O.C. resident) at our shop to meet Mike and check it out. After an inspection, Kai and Mike took the ’66 for a spin around town. Upon returning, and with a smile on both of their faces that only a big block C2 can cause, the paperwork was signed, shipping of the ’66 back to Bowling Green got booked and a new friendship was formed!

Many thanks and congratulations to Kai and Kaci! Happy motoring through the green hills of KY.!

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