Corvette Delivery Turns into Shot Put

After selling their early C3, the owner loaded it up on an open trailer to deliver it to the new owner. But something went drastically wrong on the way.

Corvette Shipping

While driving south on Interstate 75, in Harrison Township, Ohio, the pickup truck they were using to tow the Corvette started weaving and then Jackknifed!

In most cases, this would have just caused a traffic jam, but not this time. It has been reported that the Corvette was not tied down correctly, most likely the cause of the jackknife, and was thrown from the trailer; landing on its roof.

State troopers said the Corvette was not properly restrained with the right straps on the trailer. The picture only shows one strap on the drivers side front wheel. It was not reported if there were any other straps used. No other injuries were reported in the crash.

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