Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover Up in Flames 30 Minutes Later

At Corvette Mike’s, we value the importance of customer service, and this recent experience with @landroverusa wasn’t it!

We’re grateful that our own Corvette Mike was safe from harm in this roadside engine fire incident in his newly purchased Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover. Unfortunately the Land Rover didn’t fare so well. #landrover #leaderofthepack @landroverusa
Repost from Mike Vietro:

Well being the consummate car dealer for the past 4 decades of everything that rolls on 4 wheels, I took this beautiful CPO, (stands for Certified Pre-Owned) that’s an extensive multi point (125) or more point inspection of everything that could possibly have wear and tear.  Once certified it is considered to be as new and comes with a warranty as good as new.

So after I took this Range Rover in trade, like 30 minutes later it burst into flames on the freeway no less. Thank God I have 40 years of experience in the automotive field and 4 years in the USMC to figure out how to avoid near death experiences.

Guys, put your wife and children in this vehicle on a fast moving freeway in So Cal and see if dinner is served that night. Unlikely!!  At least not with a smile on their faces.

Well I responded to questions Land Rover USA had for me. In fact I was quite gracious in light of the circumstances. Why? Because I thought they were genuinely concerned.  I would be. Wouldn’t you?

Well as of today they basically told me I’m shit out of luck. Literally.

After 4 days of quizzing me on the whys and what happened?  And sucking all the life out of me they decided it wasn’t in their best interest to assist me in buying another Land Rover.  Wow!! I thought this near death experience would have garnered me something for being nice, cooperative and ?informative for sharing my experience. Nope. Not Land Rover USA.  I was on my own to fend with the wolves of disaster.

Well I know first hand the perils of being a car dealer for 40 years and what customer service can do or not do to your reputation.  Of course I never told Land Rover I was Corvette Mike. I’ll let them figure it for themselves. 
Let’s see how many shares I can get from these photos.  I hope a couple.

I need a nice safe SUV for my family.  What would you suggest?

~Corvette Mike Vietro

aka Leader of the Pack

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