C8 Corvette’s ECM Now Tunable

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C8 Corvette’s ECM Now Tunable!

Courtesy Corvette Blogger

As soon as the C8 Corvette was available, tuners wanted to modify the LS2 to get even more performance. The problem was that GM encrypted Engine Control Module (ECM) and would not allow access to modify it. Well, Trifecta Performance, a Washington-based performance shop, claims to have cracked the code.

This is both good and bad news for a few reasons. GM used their new Global B electrical system for data processing. This system added the benefit of being able to receive over-the-air software updates from General Motors. Protecting the vehicle from cyberattacks is one of the major reasons for advanced encryption. Now that this system has been breached, it may make GM’s new vehicles susceptible to malicious attacks.

The good news is that responsible tuners can now tune the car for more performance after adding turbochargers or superchargers. According to Trifecta Performance, Chevrolet did such a good job with the factory tune, there is no performance to be gained by tuning tweaks to the stock tune.

You can read more about this by clicking Here.

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Scott and Lisa with Rumblee

Corvette fever is prevalent. But it was Corvette delirium for me. I’ve wanted a 427 C2 Corvette since I was about 8 years old. Fast forward almost 50 years to 2016. My wife, Lisa, told me to “pick one out” for my 56th birthday. With all that time to consider the prospect of owning a vintage Corvette, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. It had to be a black 427 convertible without power robbers like ac and power steering. Also, why add the weight and complexity of power brakes? It also had to have side exhausts and knock-off wheels just to enhance the all show and all go persona.

So the search for my Vette was on. A short but intense internet search turned up just what I was looking for. When we arrived to look the car over, Rumblee sat in the showroom and was simply stunning. Rumblee wasn’t fully restored but I told myself that as long as he ran well then that would be enough. I went on to tell myself I would only repair what broke and not try to restore it.

It’s bad when you believe your own lies. Fortunately, Lisa saw the restoration coming. She also wanted to discuss the deal before finalizing. “What’s there to discuss??” was my retort. After a brief negotiation the deal was made. Lisa and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this February. Rumblee awaits spring and a lot of countryside driving, maybe even an NCRS judging event.

Scott H.

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New Stock

1988 Mercedes-Benz 560SL
Pristine, one owner SL

Signal Red w/Beige interior, 5.6L/3227hp V8, 4-spd. automatic.

We found this pristine example in our own backyard!  It’s a one owner, So. CA. SL that has been babied since new!  Unfortunately, the 90-year-old previous owner was not able to drive her any longer due to age and some health issues.  So, he very reluctantly decided it was time to let her go.
We were lucky enough to snap her up!

Priced to sell: $44,900


1967 L68 Rolling Chassis
Completely restored and ready for a body

L68 427/400hp, 4-spd. manual transmission

For those of you in the market for a “project”, this item is a fantastic starting point!  Maybe you already have a body looking for a frame?  Maybe you’re interested in a great conversation piece for your “Man (or woman) Cave or shop?  Regardless, this chassis has been restored and is ready for a body and interior to be placed gently on top of it!  The V.I.N. on the block and transmission match and Bolt-On style aluminum wheels wrapped in Firestone red line radial tires are also part of the package!

Call to make an offer.

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