Active Aero

It looks like future Corvettes may be getting Active Aerodynamics.

The newest rumor is based off a patent filed way back in May of 2016, but just published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent shows a C7 Corvette sporting the system, but while General Motors used a C7 Corvette to show the system, there is no way to be sure if the Vette will get it, or if it is for some other vehicle, or for both. As the Corvette is GM’s flagship performance car, it is easy to assume that a future Corvette may be getting this system; ZR1 anybody?

The name GM gave the system in its filing was “Vehicle Ride-Height Determination for Control of Vehicle Aerodynamics”. The patent has details on an active-aerodynamics setup that includes an adjustable rear wing, diffuser, front splitter, air dam, hood louvers, and shutters. By using laser and ultrasonic sensors, the system will also detect and modulate the ride height. It can also analyze the car’s pitch, roll, and steering wheel position to further improve the car’s use of active aerodynamics.

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