212 Mph Corvette Verified

There’s a lot of talk, and videos, popping up on the internet about the 2019 ZR1 these days. New owners are mounting cameras and taking them to Dynos, Race Tracks and Drag Strips and GM is testing at Nurburgring.

Since they were already in Germany, GM decided to make the 240-mile trek to ATP Automotive Testing Papenburg, one of the largest proving grounds in the world and one that has miles upon miles of straight track looped together with banked curves at the end.

To establish an official top speed, a vehicle must make two passes on the track, one in each direction to correct for the wind. The top speed is the average of the two speeds. The 2019 ZR1 hit 214.88 mph in one direction and 210.20 going the other way around, setting an official top speed of 212.20 mph!

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